Clutch road-test more new songs on tour

Posted by on August 8, 2017

If you haven’t seen Clutch and Primus on tour this Summer, you’re missing two bands from the ’90s that are still at the top of their games. And while Clutch thrive on mixing up their set lists, they’re finding time to slip in some new songs from their album that will be out some time next year. That’s nothing new – the band have essentially done this for years, working out the kinks to that when they get the studio, they know exactly what they’re doing. Some fan shot footage of their recent show from this past Wednesday (2) features three new songs. “How To Shake Hands,” which we’ve heard before, and tunes called “Vision Quest” and “Bubonic Blues.” You can hear “Vision Quest” at the  beginning of the video, while “Bubonic Blues” starts a little after 20 minutes in. Of course, the sound isn’t that great, but you’ll be able to get the ideae.


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