According to a video message from Sharon Osbourne, Black Sabbath will be playing their “farewell” show on November 22nd at the Ozzfest in Japan. The brief message announces that the Ozzfest will be returning to Japan and that Korn will headline the first night with Sabbath closing the festival (and perhaps their career) on the 22nd. Here’s what Osbourne says:

“Ozzfest will be back in Japan on November 21st and 22nd. And this will be BLACK SABBATH’s farewell. We’re also announcing KORN, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Now you can’t miss that.”

Of course, many will miss it, on account of it being in Japan. And Osbourne’s declaration that Sabbath is ending doesn’t necessarily gel with what the band said last year, when Ozzy said they would be recording another album, then doing a tour. It’s certainly not out of the realm of impossibility that Sabbath could record and release an album, then embark on a tour before November 22nd rolls around, but that seems pretty unlikely. The band posted a lot about the recording of 13, so unless they pull a Beyonce and surprise release the next album, it’s a safe bet to say they haven’t even begun recording it. Maybe we’re overanalyzing it, and she just means that it’ll be Sabbath’s farewell to the Ozzfest Japan, because it seems like the rest of the world deserves a final chance to see Sabbath. Time will tell.