Behemoth go dark for Messe Noire

Posted by on April 8, 2015

There may not be another Behemoth album for awhile, but at least there’s another new video from their latest album, The Satanist.

Directed by Zev Deans, the new video is for the track “Messe Noire” (french for “Black Mass”), and “is dedicated to the life and memory of H.R. Giger,” who passed away last May. Said Behemoth’s Nergal,

“It was actually our drummer Inferno’s idea to work with Zev Deans. He showed me “Portal” video that literally blew my fuckin’ mind! For a long time we’ve attempted to reach a new ground and artistically leave the comfort zone. The Satanist is THE record that challenges us on so many levels… and here we are, exploring new grounds with a video producer who is a genuine visionary! “Messe Noire” video surely adds new quality to our art and makes it even more transcendental… I am proud!”

Nergal was talking about the Portal video for “Curtains,” which Deans directed. For this video, there was a call for, “SERIOUS evil talented little demons” last December, around the time the video for “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer” came out. Sharon Ehman, clothing designer and owner of Toxic Vision, plays the, “Abyssal Queen,” and also did all the costumes for this video.


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