Baroness March To The Sea With New Video

Posted by on January 17, 2013

It’s unfortunate that Baroness hasn’t gotten to tour much in support of their third album, the double-disc Yellow and Green. It’s all the more unfortunate given that the reason for that is that singer/guitarist John Baizley is recuperating from the horrific bus crash that occurred shortly after the album was released. Thankfully, Baizley is healing well enough to return to the stage, at least acoustically. He played a few weeks back in Philadelphia, and will be doing it again this Sunday, opening for Neurosis.

At any rate, the band have released a video for “March to the Sea” that debuted yesterday on Spin. Filmed by videographer Jimmy Hubbard, who had been on tour with the band, he put the clip together knowing that the band would be ok, but not touring for a while. It definitely seems like the band will be touring again before too long, but watching this video is the next best thing.

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