Arch Enemy March Under Black Flags With New Guitarist In Latest Music Video

Posted by on April 26, 2012

We’ve seen rehearsal footage of Arch Enemy with new guitarist Nick Cordle (of Arsis fame). Now, we get to see him in a music video with the Swedish metal group. Metal Hammer’s German edition has recently premiered the new music video for Arch Enemy’s “Under Black Flags We March.” While it’s a typical performance clip, the music video is still worth checking out for two reasons:

  1. “Under Black Flags We March” is personally my favorite track off of their stellar album Khaos Legions.
  2. As mentioned before, this marks the first video featuring Christopher Amott’s most recent replacement.

So go ahead and watch Arch Enemy’s new music video for “Under Black Flags We March” for yourself above. And in case you want to know what Cordle actually sounds like live with the group, you can watch fan filmed footage of Arch Enemy performing “Nemesis” with the guitarist Kuala Lumpar last Tuesday night (April 24) after the jump.


[fan filmed footage via aliaston]

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