…And Oceans drop “The Collector and His Construct” video

Posted by on October 26, 2022


Symphonic black metal outfit …And Oceans have dropped a music video for their latest single, “The Collector and His Construct.” The track is taken from the group’s forthcoming effort, As in Gardens, so in Tombs, out January 27th via Season of Mist.


The band comments:

 “The Collector comes in many forms and faces. Some are whispers in the wind and water, some come with threats of eternal fire, others just have a craving for remains as a propellant for rebirth and some even claim that it will split you up one picture frame at the time. This album also has many faces. Our second single from the upcoming album is a bit more in the style of our last album. Straight forward and in your face without too many twists and turns. Fits just about right for the pre-sales to start etc. before we can dive deeper into weirder stuff again in the material to follow.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:


Track List:

01) As in Gardens, so in Tombs 

02) The Collector and His Construct 

03) Within Fire and Crystal 

04) Carried on Lead Wings 

05) Likt Törnen Genom Kött 

06) Cloud Heads

07) Wine into Water 

08) Inverse Magnification Matrix 

09) The Earth Canvas 

10) Ambivalent God 


11) Samlarens Valv 

12) Third Eye Catalyst 




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