An Ecstatic Vision arises from A Life Once Lost

Posted by on May 7, 2015


We ran into Doug Sabolick, formerly of A Life Once Lost, last year at a show, and he gave us a CD from his new project, Ecstatic Vision. It was one song, and it couldn’t have been more of a departure from his former band, trading in the Meshuggah-like rhythms of ALOL for psychedelia, it sounded like he’d been steeped in ’60s and ’70s acid rock, not picking it up as a hobbyist. Since then, he’s joined up with Relapse, and the band have recorded their first full-length album, Sonic Praise. Yesterday, the band premiered “Don’t Kill the Vibe” via Noisey. In an interview, Sabolick says that instead of metal, he was inspired by Hawkwind, Krautrock and African hand drum music. While the band will be on tour with Enslaved and Yob, they’re definitely the least heavy of those bands. That being said, this is great psychedelia, and if you’re on board with early Monster Magnet or Hawkwind, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

Sonic Praise will be released on June 30th on Relapse and can be preordered here.

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