Many mourned when Berlin-based occult rock band The Oath broke up after one promising album, last year’s All Must Die. Thankfully, vocalist Johanna Sadonis has returned in a new project, Lucifer. The new band, whose first album, Lucifer I, will be out on June 16, also features former Cathedral guitarist Gaz Jennings, and has a similar ’70s vibe. The band have unleashed their first video, for the song “Izrael,” which debuted yesterday on NPR. In the clip, the band hangs out and plays while a dope, menacing-looking ’70s Cadillac hearse drives around the countryside. There’s also a skull involved. After watching it, we’ve come to two conclusions:

1) We want a ’70s Cadillac hearse, gas mileage be damned.

2) We’re psyched for Lucifer I, which will come out on June 16 on Rise Above Records. It can be ordered here.