A Life Once Lost Unveil ‘Madness Is A God’ Video

Posted by on September 11, 2012


The lyric video. It’s the new ‘band playing in a warehouse’ video. Yet in this day and age of digital, the best way to learn the lyrics to a song might be from watching the video. At any rate, A Life Once Lost have issued a lyric video for “Madness Is a God.”  They’ve also changed the release date of Ecstatic Trance, the album the song’s taken from. It’ll be out on October 22. Want the track listing? Here it is:

1. Something Awful
2. Gnawing Lisp
3. Madness Is God
4. Miracle Worker
5. Empty Form
6. I Am
7. The Blues
8. People Stare
9. I See, I Hear
10. I Sit Ill



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