Allegaeon hail science with new video

Posted by on August 30, 2016

The dramatic principle of Chekhov’s gun says that if there’s a gun in the first act, you know it’s going to be fired in the third act. To that front, when the second shot of Allegaeon’s video for “All Hail Science is some kid with an animal hat/scarf dejectedly walking towards a brewery, you know he’ll probably turn up in the video sooner or later. That, of course, happens throughout the course of the video, which was filmed in that band’s hometown of Denver at the Black Sky Brewery. It’s more or less a straightforward performance video that was shot at one of the band’s favorite haunts while they were recording the album. Here’s what the band’s guitarist Greg Burgess says about the video:

“We had the great pleasure of being allowed to shoot ‘All Hail Science’ at Black Sky Brewery here in Denver. We have a great selection of metal bars here and Black Sky is by far my favorite. It has such a friendly atmosphere and the staff and owners are so supportive of our local scene. Basically Black Sky let us throw a free show/party for anyone who wanted to show up. It’s pretty apparent from the video, but we had a blast that day. Huge thanks to Black Sky for their hospitality, SSS Productions for running sound and lights, Vince Edwards from Metal Blade for filming us being dumb, and the fans who showed up to party!”

This is the second video in a week we’re posting from the band, who’s Proponent for Sentience is released on September 23rd, as their cover of Rush’s “Subdivisions” is too good to ignore. You can preorder their new album here.


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