clankRemember Extinction Level Event? They’re the North Carolina band that has three bassists, and released a video with a bunch of fish in it. While their sound is somewhat akin to Meshuggah, there’s a bit of a djent sound to their highly syncopated brand of metal. But don’t say that to them – they’ve ushered in the sound of “clank.” What’s the difference between djent and clank? Well, a bass as opposed to a guitar, for one. And according to this helpful instructional video, it’s a little less boring. Will clank take off as a movement? Stranger things have happened, like djent taking off as a movement and influencing lots of bands. There are some wars worth fighting. And we’re not so sure that there needs to be a “djent vs. clank” battle, but if there is, ELE will be at the forefront of the clank movement.