Extinction Level crank up the bass with Entropy video

Posted by on November 5, 2014


The pretty awful earworm “All About That Bass”by Meghan Trainor has been the #1 song in America for nearly two months. But as we mentioned a few weeks ago, North Carolina’s Extinction Level Event really are all about the bass – the band has a drummer and three bassists. They’ve made a video for the Meshuggah-like “Entropy,” the song we featured, and as directed by Justin Reich, it’s a pretty funny and kind of literal video. The band have already been referred to as that “bass band,” so the video begins with them slappin’ da bass – the fish, not the instrument – while their drummer plays with a pair of fishing poles. Visits to a sushi restaurant and a supermarket continue the semi-aquatic life of the band until they return home and things get dark. If you want to keep up with ELE, you can find them on Facebook, but if they’re smart, they’ll refer to it as “Bassbook.”

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