Alice In Chains hitting the studio next month

Posted by on May 10, 2017

Alice In Chains have one of the best second acts imaginable. As one of the cornerstones of the Seattle grunge movement of the early ’90s, their singer Layne Staley had another thing that was popular in the pacific northwest in the ’90s – a heroin addiction. Despite his talent, the vocalist couldn’t keep his demons under control, and after releasing their self-titled third album in 1995, the band went on hiatus, and Cantrell  Staley was found dead in 2002. Their 2009 comeback album, with William DuVall in place of Staley, was an amazing comeback album that re-established the band, and four years later, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here was a solid follow-up. Now it looks like the band will be recording their sixth album next month. In an interview with Jerry Cantrell, Good Celebrity found that they’ll be recording a new album that, when asked if it was going to be “grungy” by the interviewer, says that that’s what he does and he can’t imagine doing anything else. 

Here’s what Cantrell says: 

“We are just gearing up to make a record. We’ll be moving up to Seattle in about a month and record the record over the summer out there in the same studio we recorded our third record in. So it’ll be kind of fun — go home, make a Seattle record. Hometown boys in a hometown studio.”

Looks like we’ve got something to look forward to, perhaps even later this year. Guess wei’ll find out soon enough, depending on how the recording goes. 


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