A much-older Trivium rock a biker bar in ‘Blind Leading the Blind’ video

Posted by on August 20, 2015


It can’t be said that Trivium don’t have a good sense of humor about themselves. For the first video from their forthcoming Silence in the Snow album, they’ve recast themselves as an over the hill bar band playing a show at a dingy biker bar. The band themselves appear in the video as patrons, but for the most part, “Trivium” is playing in front of a bunch of people in their 50s and ’60s, the same age as the band in the video. There’s some pool sharking, arm wrestling and darts as well. We’re not going to lie, we wouldn’t hang out at the bar depicted in the video, but it’d be fun to stop for a drink or two.

Silence in the Snow will be released on Roadrunner Records on October 2. You can pre-order it here.


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