From Drudkh to Alcatrazz, here are 29 videos to check out.



01) Drudkh – “The Nocturnal One”

Ukrainian black metal outfit Drudkh have shared a music video for their new song, “The Nocturnal One.” While the clip was scheduled to be released at a later date, the band decided to release the video immediately as a sign of Ukrainian resistance following the dangerous situation in their homeland. Their new album is currently scheduled to be released later this year.

The band issued the following statement:  

“Even though we weren’t supposed to share any statement or music until later this year, we are grateful to get this new track out here today. It represents HOPE, may it strengthen those who need it.”


Watch the clip below:



02) Ministry – “Sabotage Is Sex”


Ministry have shared a video for the song “Sabotage Is Sex.” The track is taken from the industrial metal outfit’s latest effort, Moral Hygiene


Frontman Al Jourgensen comments:

“Jello and I have been friends and music collaborators for decades. I had no idea he’d never done a video before and I’m honored to pop that creative cherry for him on ‘Sabotage Is Sex.’ It’s crazy how tech savvy we’ve all gotten yet somehow it all seems very punk rock to shoot a video at home with just an iPhone. Who knows, maybe one day there will be a Lard video?”


Watch the clip below:



03) Oh Hiroshima – “Ascension”


photo credit: Oskar Nilsson

Oh Hiroshima’s new album, Myriad, has finally arrived on March 4th via Napalm Records. To celebrate their new album, the Swedish post-rock duo has shared a lyric video for the song “Ascension.”


Watch the clip below:



04) Syberia – “Nothing Inside”



Barcelona rocker act Syberia have shared a video for their new song “Nothing Inside.” The track is the first single taken from their upcoming album, Statement On Death, out May 6th via Blacklight Media Records (pre-order here). 


The group comments:

 “On each album we try not to repeat ourselves and look for things that we haven’t done so far. When we start songwriting, we never do it following a specific plan. We always compose according to what we have heard at that time, normally we record riff ideas individually and take them to the rehearsal room. Once there, we assemble the pieces of the puzzle to find the desired song, and the result this time is a record that is darker than our previous ones but with the same bright moments.”


Watch the clip below:



Track List:

01) Stolen Childhood

02) Ain’t.Care.About.Bullets.

03) Breathe

04) Nothing Inside

05) No Frames to Remember Them


05) Lions At The Gate – “Bed Of Nails”


Lions At The Gate have unveiled a video for their new song “Bed Of Nails.” 

Frontman Cristian Machado comments:

“‘Bed Of Nails’ is a song that was brought in by Diego, a string of riffs that told a story. Kile pushed the dynamics of the song into extremes by surrounding Diego’s riffs with ghostly verses. Ahrue and Steve rounded off some of the parts and the bridge of the song. When I heard the demo, I fell in love with the heavy riff and the double bass, especially followed by those intimate and creepy verses. That caught my attention instantly. When we got the final mixes back from Kile, I realized how strong the song was. 

The message of the song is not hidden in the lyric, it is blatantly about deep inner struggle to accept the things you can not change. I think, especially to embrace those things which blossom growth, even when they involve intense struggle. It’s a theme stitched well into the album. Laying out a maze, attempting to discover an exit path, trying to cut through the uncertainty of life and the chaos of the world. Really though, aren’t we all?”


Watch the clip below: