29 Videos to check out – 3/15/22

Posted by on March 15, 2022

21) Satan – From Second Sight”


Satan are gearing up for their new album, Earth Infernal, out April 1st via Metal Blade Records (pre-order here). The group has shared a video for their latest single, “From Second Sight.”


The Band comments:

“Wherever you care to look around the world, you’ll find conspiracy theories and millions of people who actually believe in them. The denial of science is a very dangerous trend. In itself it is nothing new, but lately there’s been a significant increase in the number of followers who’ve now given up on proven fact and are ready to believe that 2+2 = 5 if it suits their purpose. Trust in authority is at an all-time low. Our world is on the brink of sliding into chaos unless people wake up and start to have faith in the smartest human beings on the planet. Established expertise must win the day or we are finished as a species.”


Watch the clip below:



22) Kapitur – “Roots Bloody Roots” (Sepultura cover)



Kapitur pays cultural homage by sharing a video of the cello cover of Sepultura’s Roots Bloody Roots.” 


She explains:

“Twenty-six years ago, Roots Bloody Roots pleaded for the preservation of Brazilian cultural diversity. Today, Kapitur’s distinctive revisit of the song revolves around the historical alienation of common people regarded as different, the bloody roots of us outsiders. It grips on the struggle of finding oneself estranged from one’s original and adoptive cultures, to the ongoing murder and colonization suffered by many in a land that was theirs for centuries; from immigrant, racial, religious intolerance to the global, modern alien anxiety suffered by African descendants and their relationship to an inaccessible homeland. Roots Bloody Roots is about.” 


Watch the clip below:



23) Marianas Rest – “The Weight”


Finnish melodic death/doom metal outfit Marianas Rest have shared a video for their song “The Weight.” The track is taken from the group’s latest effort, Fata Morgana, which arrived in March 2021. 


The band comments:

“‘The Weight’ is a journey through pressure. A desperate try to lift the world off your shoulders and search for something better. It’s ugliness with a tiny glimpse of something beautiful.”


Watch the clip below:



24) Misery Index – “The Eaters and the Eaten”


Baltimore death metal giants Misery Index have unleashed a J.T. Ibanez-directed video for their latest single, “The Eaters and the Eaten.” The track is taken from their new album, Complete Control, out May 13th via Century Media Records. 


Watch the clip below:



25) Van Canto – “Turn Back Time”


Van Canto have shared a video for the song “Turn Back Time.” The track is taken from the acapella metallers latest effort, 2021’s To The Power of Eight.  


The group comments:

“’Turn back Time’ is a ballad that has quite a history behind it. I wrote it together with Bastian back in 1999 for our former band Jester’s Funeral. At that time, the instrumentation was more like ‘Bard’s Song’, with acoustic guitars and a lead singer. We never finished the songwriting on this one, and over 20 years later we came across it again while listening through old demos.

Since the lyrics are about what would happen if you could turn back time (but maybe you don’t even want to), we thought it would fit quite well that a composition from our teenage years would finally see the light of day on the eighth album of a seasoned band. Listening to the song now, you’d think it had always been written for VAN CANTO and with eight singers in mind.”


Watch the clip below:



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