29 Videos to check out – 3/15/22

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06) Crypta – “I Resign”


Brazilian/Dutch death metal outfit Crypta have recently announced the reissue of their debut album, Echoes of the Soul, out April 1st via Napalm Records (pre-order here). To celebrate the announcement, the group has shared a video for the song “I Resign.”  

Tainá Bergamaschi comments: 

“’I Resign’ is a song that features elements from most of our main influences, along with characteristics from both our previously released album Echoes of the Soul and the new material we’ve been writing. We tried to blend epic melodies followed by aggressive riffs throughout the track, which, combined with the lyrics, tell a story of despair.”


Fernanda Lira adds: 

“We thought unveiling an unreleased track right now would be a great way of gifting our fans with something nice while they wait for our tours to start! Also, the lyrics, which are more current than ever, are a good food-for-thought while listening to this very special song for us.”


Watch the official video of “I Resign” HERE:

Watch the clip below:



07) Watain – “Serimosa”


Watain have unleashed a video for their second single, “Serimosa.” The track is taken from their upcoming album, The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain, out April 29th via Nuclear Blast (pre-order here).


Vocalist E. Danielsson comments:

“‘Serimosa’ tells of the electric notion of the coming of a great power. The appearance of cracks in the dam that holds the flood of the great sea. A visitor from the beyond, crossing the threshold into the material world.

Just like “Watain” – “Serimosa” is a word/name of power communicated out of unknown origin, appearing into the world sans history, to be approached with thought and reverence. Its linguistic root may be traced from the latin word Seri (“serum”) along with Dolorosa (“pain”) Nebulosa (“starfog”) Lacrimosa (“tearfilled”), as if those words and their meanings were spoken as one. In her hand she holds the stern light of renewal, of transformation, of merciless cleansing. Thematically, Serimosa also holds similarities to the fiery Samhara aspect of Nataraja, the doomsday dance of Shiva marking the dissolution of order at the end of an eon.

May she bring you far and deep.”


Watch the clip below:



08) Shinedown – “Planet Zero”

Photo Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

Shinedown have shared a video for the song “Planet Zero.” The track is the title track from the group’s new album, out April 22nd via Atlantic Records.

Watch the clip below:



09) The Lion’s Daughter – “Turbo Lover”

Synth-horror metal outfit The Lion’s Daughter have shared a lyric video for their cover of the Judas Priest classic track “Turbo Lover.” 


Watch the clip below:



10) Blazerjacket – “Get Out”


Ukrainian dark electro outfit Blazerjacket have unveiled a video for their latest single, “Get Out.” 


Watch the clip below: 



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