Rock Band Announces “Metal” Track Pack

Posted by on August 13, 2009

rockbandThe Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchises have arguably done more to expose people to new music than radio has in the past few years. So it’s pretty cool to see that Rock Band has announced a $29.99 “Rock Band Metal Track Pack” featuring 20 songs, some exclusive to the game. I’m not sure that Blue Oyster Cult and Godsmack are “metal,” but that’s more than made up for by the inclusion of At the Gates and The Haunted, and even though he’s a tool, it’ll definitely be fun to play an Yngwie Malmsteen song. The “Rock Band Metal Track Pack” will be in stores on October 13. The songs exclusive to the game (marked with an asterik) will eventually be released for download to the Rock Band Music Store. Full list after the jump.

All That Remains “Two Weeks”
At The Gates “Blinded By Fear”
Black Tide “Shock Wave”
Blue Oyster Cult “Transmaniacon MC” *
Bullet For My Valentine “Waking The Demon”
Children of Bodom “Are You Dead Yet”
Evile “Thrasher”
Godsmack “I Stand Alone”
The Haunted “D.O.A.”
Hawkwind “Master of the Universe” *
I Mother Earth “Levitate” *
In This Moment “Forever”
Judas Pries “Screaming For Vengeance”
Lacuna Coil “Closer”
Lamb of God “Laid To Rest”
Motorhead “Killed By Death” *
Nazareth “Hair of the Dog” *
Queens of the Stone Age “3’s and 7’s”
Rage Against the Machine “Bulls On Parade” *
Yngwie Malmsteen “Red Devil”

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