Ozzy, Judas Priest, Dream Theater on ‘Rock Band 4’

Posted by on July 14, 2015


When recapping the year in video games, 2015 will be known as the year guitar-based rhythm games came back. With both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises making their return to next gen systems with enough time for nostalgia to set in for the millions of people that were turned onto them nearly a decade ago, more information is starting to leak out. Both of the franchises seem to want to embrace different genres of music (for better or for worse), and yesterday, Rock Band unveiled another 11 songs that will be in the game to go along with the 11 that have already been announced.  Here, via Polygon, is what you can look forward to playing:


  • Aerosmith – “Toys in the Attic”
  • The Cure – “Friday I’m in Love”
  • Dream Theater – “Metropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper”
  • Foo Fighters – “The Feast and the Famine”
  • Judas Priest – “Halls of Valhalla”
  • Live – “All Over You”
  • The Outfield – “Your Love”
  • Ozzy Osbourne – “Miracle Man”
  • Paramore – “Still Into You”
  • St. Vincent – “Birth in Reverse”
  • Van Morrison – “Brown Eyed Girl”

That’s a solid track listing right there. Sure, there’s some predictable pop and classic rock, like the Van Morrison song, but new Judas Priest, a classic epic Dream Theater song and a pretty classic Ozzy song from Zakk Wylde’s first album with him makes for a pretty diverse and fun playlist. Plus, who can’t get down with “Your Love?” Here’s the other songs that have already been announced:

  • Avenged Sevenfold – “Hail to the King”
  • Benjamin Booker – “Violent Shiver”
  • Elvis Presley – “Suspicious Minds”
  • Fleetwood Mac – “You Make Loving Fun”
  • Jack White – “Lazaretto”
  • The Killers – “Somebody Told Me”
  • Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – “Uptown Funk”
  • Queens of the Stone Age – “My God is the Sun”
  • Scandal – “The Warrior”
  • Spin Doctors – “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”
  • The Who – “The Seeker”

Rock Band 4 will be released on October 6 on PS4 and XBox One. It can be pre-ordered here.

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