Guitar Hero coming back with less frets

Posted by on April 14, 2015

guitarheroFor a while around 8 years ago or so, if you were playing a video game at home, it was probably Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Then the market got oversaturated, people got bored, and plastic guitars and drum sets littered sidewalks like tumbleweeds in a desert. Of course, now that next-gen systems are out and nostalgia rules, Rock Band announced that it was coming back, and today, it was announced that Activision is bringing back Guitar Hero this fall, and it has some changes.

First of all, while there are only three frets, there are six buttons. “As soon as you had to use your pinky, it all went to shit,” Guitar Hero creative director Jamie Jackson tells Gizmodo. In addition, the gameplay will be slightly different, in that the developer filmed two different versions of every video frame where the audience reacts to how you’re playing. In one, they’re  “cheering your name and singing back your songs” and in the other, they’re holding up nasty signs if you don’t. Even your own band members will look at you if you screw up – just like real life.

There’s also “Guitar Hero TV,” a button you can push on your controller that will take you to a live TV guide of videos you can play along to for free or compete with others around the world in free time. Guitar Hero Live will be out this Fall, cost $100, and not only be available on PS4 and Xbox One, but also PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. There will even be a version of mobile devices you can plug into a TV with an HDMI cable and use a full-sized guitar with.

[pic via Gizmodo]

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