Brooklyn metal venue The Acheron to close

Posted by on June 21, 2016


Over the past decade or so, the underground metal scene in Brooklyn has flourished, and East Williamsburg (Bushwick, let’s be honest) venue The Acheron has been a part of it. For the past six years, the tiny venue has played host to countless metal and punk shows, an inclusive and welcoming venue that, like Saint Vitus, gave not only locals, but national bands a place to play. Sadly, after July 9th, that won’t be the case, as they’ve announced that the venue will be closing. They didn’t give a specific reason (other than “numerous factors”), but they’ll be done after then.

While Metal Insider wasn’t a constant presence there, we’d seen many shows over the past six years, and most recently hosted our CMJ listening party with Broken Hope and Swallow the Sun last year. Hopefully it’s bookers and management will wind up somewhere else. It was announced that the shows booked after the 9th will be hosted at different venues. With fellow Brooklyn venue The Grand Victory closing at the end of July and Trash Bar having already closed, that’s instantly three less venues for bands to play in the New York City borough most associated with live music (not to mention that NYC venue Santos Party House shut down abruptly at the end of last month). Here’s hoping that another place or two pops up for metal bands to play.


[photo via Bang! House Studios]

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