Foo N RosesDave Grohl once again proved he is the nicest guy in rock last week when he lent his throne to an injured Axl Rose. At the very least, though, it appears that the Foo Fighters leader got a pair of tickets to Guns N’ Roses much hyped shows in Las Vegas out of the deal.

A short fan filmed clip was recently uploaded online showing Grohl having a blast while watching Guns N’ Roses tear through “It’s So Easy” at the T-Mobile Arena on April 8. The said clip can be seen below. However, in case you’re still unsure that’s actually him, bassist Duff McKagan’s wife actually posted a shot of them posing with Grohl and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins backstage shortly after the first GN’R Vegas show (as seen above).

Of course, in addition to simply seeing Rose on the now legendary “rock throne” at all, many fans were shocked that Grohl would do any sort of favor to the Guns N’ Roses frontman, given Nirvana’s past beef with him. Then again, Grohl has been extremely friendly with Slash and McKagan (even collaborating with them on music), and we have a hunch Grohl isn’t one to hold onto grudges.

Either way, we would’ve loved to been sitting next to Grohl at that show, at the very least just to see his reaction while watching Rose perform from a throne he envisioned while high on pain medication. Watch the clip for yourself, as well as check out a personal thank tweet from Axl himself, below.