Yob frontman Mike Scheidt underwent his second surgery over the weekend for his digestive disease, diverticulitis. It seems things are finally moving along, but Scheidt still has a long way to go. He went into surgery on Friday (17) the day after attending his benefit show in Portland Oregon. Scheidt was also seen in a photo with Red Fang who headlined and covered a Yob song in Scheidt’s honor. Given that the original GoFundMe campaign is no longer active, it seems that he doesn’t need any financial help, which is encouraging to hear.

The band posted the following update on their Facebook:

From Mike: “I entered the hospital last Friday morning for my 2nd surgery, and it was a success! I’m grateful to be able to enter this next stage of recovery. It’ll take some time, and I’ll be very, very careful in my healing, but I am so happy to be moving forward! Thank you to everyone for their well wishes, love, and support as I’ve gone through this. It has been everything to me. I love our community ! Thank you, endlessly!”