Video surfaces of Puddle of Mudd singer’s luggage ride

Posted by on February 24, 2015

About a month ago, Puddle of Mudd vocalist Wes Scantlin found himself in a puddle of luggage. Scantlin decided to travel with some baggage and ride on the luggage carousel at the airport. This area was of course restricted access and Scantlin got arrested for his journey into the luggage room. Now, footage, via Denver’s ABC7, has been released of the rock star cruising on the carousel.

On camera, Scantlin was far from hidden as he moved down the carousel, back flat against it. With a far from subtle bright orange sweat shirt, Scantlin definitely stood out against the dark metallic grey carousel. Scantlin’s clear orange figure cruises down the carousel with ease in what was apparently an oversized luggage carousel. Scantlin even jumps off as an airline employee walks by and then promptly jumps back on.

Although Scantlin got caught for his quite obvious misdemeanor, it is doubtful he will actually face any punishment. Despite the fact that Scantlin actually never went back to Colorado for his hearing, ABC7 spoke to legal experts that said he probably won’t face any charges if he returns, since it’s such a minor offense. In fact, Scantlin even posted a photoshopped image of himself on a luggage carousel poking fun at the incident. However, with over a million views, the footage is definitely something to feast your eyes on and will no doubt reassure that orange is probably the worst color to wear when trying to be disguised.

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