Tool are now officially in the studio for real this time

Posted by on March 12, 2018

Heard of Tool? Likely, but then again, it’s been 12 years since they’ve released an album. And if you want to listen to them on a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music, you’re out of luck. Regardless, the somewhat reclusive band have continued to tour, and since about, let’s say 2009, have started to hint at a new album. You’re probably bored of reading updates about it, with the “will they or won’t they” and the denials by Maynard, and a new A Perfect Circle album coming out next month. However, they’ve posted footage of themselves in the studio with engineer Joe Baressi, and their webmaster, who acts as the group’s spokesperson, made it official with a post on Saturday. In short, everything you’ve heard in the last month or so is really happening, and they’re in the studio now:


Who’s ready for some major breaking news? Brace yourself; get ready… okay, here we go. We are very excited to announce what is sure to be welcome news for both fans of TOOL and prog-metal enthusiasts in general. After all the years of writing and arranging (and re-arranging) at the band’s loft, I can at this time officially report that the guys have moved into a major studio where the recording process for the next album is about to begin in earnest. For the past few days the band members have been getting sonically adjusted to their new surroundings – dialing in the equipment settings and restaurant catering choices – in preparation for Danny to begin his tracking any time now – perhaps by the time that you read this!

I am also excited to announce that ‘evil’ JOE BARRESI will once again have his capable fingers at the engineering controls for what will certainly be another masterful TOOL offering by the talented team. Pinch yourself if you want, but I have been told that all systems are GO at this point for the upcoming sessions.

I will be posting periodic bits and pieces on the progress of the tracking once the guys get deeper into the recording process, and hope that all of you will keep checking back to the official website for these updates. In the meantime, be sure to also visit the individual band members’ sites and socials (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for more inside glimpses as TOOL prepares for the next stage in their musical odyssey.

Of course, it could take quite a while for them to perfect, mix and master the album, not to mention figure out marketing and distribution for it, especially considering they’re technically not on a label and still aren’t on streaming services. This is encouraging news, however.



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