Slayer’s political beliefs took center stage last week when Tom Araya alleged conspiracy after the disappearance of a photoshopped image featuring the classic Slayer lineup with President Donald Trump on their Instagram account. Ultimately, the band reached out to Rolling Stone, stating it was Araya’s post, not the bands. The  band told the magazine that they do not represent either side. After the fact, Kerry King got involved via his wife’s account, setting the record straight as well. In the first post where he alleged conspiracy, Araya made a few comments about Pence “turning fruits into vegetables” and using the conservative putdown “snowflake,” leaving some to think he was a conservative homophobe. According to Blabbermouth, Arya’s daighter Ariel defended her father once again.

Ariel Araya stated the following:

“I’m gonna make this post public, in hopes y’all would share this and MAYBE get the hard-headed people to FINALLY listen to all the nonsense surrounding my Dad.

To be frank, I’ve been defending my dad from the media in an effort to try and reach the hard-headed people that chose to ignorantly read a title and not actually try to understand my Dad’s caption to the photo. He never supported anybody. He simply wants people to stop crying and complaining about something that can’t be changed. He’s president whether people like him or not. He thought the picture was funny and posted it, and someone removed it. So the snowflake comment was funny and directed at WHOEVER removed it. But people took offense anyways. And the gay ‘joke,’ wasn’t because he’s homophobic. He isn’t homophobic, but simply put what MANY OTHER PEOPLE have been saying online. He doesn’t like bullying. He doesn’t like idiots. He’s just a man that was taken out of context. But people live to destroy others in an effort to validate their opinions. If you want to bash my Dad for apparently ‘supporting’ Trump, (which he wasn’t), then don’t forget that Kerry endorsed Hillary in a Rolling Stone interview, and Gary endorsed Sanders in Blabbermouth interview as well. Think what you will, because most people just blindly follow what the media says anyways. But it’s cool. Go ahead and lose your shit over it. We’re just doing our own thing.”


It’s commendable that Ariel is sticking up for her dad, but her excuse for what he said is somewhat lame. “He’s just saying what other people said” isn’t really a vote of confidence, and it’s not like he made his one comment and shut up about it. He re-posted the picture, then responded several times.We can relate to the rest of what she said though, and she already seems a little desensitized towards the media.