Tom Araya’s daughter defends him on Reddit, says new Slayer is “eh”

Posted by on November 6, 2015

arielLast year for Father’s Day, I Heart Radio posted an old meme of the Araya family at the Grammys with the caption “You could be in Slayer and your teenage daughter will still think you’re lame.” In the pic, the rest of the family is smiling as Tom Araya throws the horns, and his daughter Ariel has a somewhat exasperated look on her face. That seemed to have struck a nerve with her, because she wrote back saying “you guys are idiots, you don’t know me.” After someone responded accusing her of “ruining the fun,” she replied “that’s me, fun ruiner.” The picture came up again today in a thread on Reddit, and was enough to get her to sign up to both defend the picture and her dad:

“I was 11 at the time when this picture was taken. Having flash bulbs in your face and 30+ people yelling “LOOK AT ME” can be a little intimidating. I love the old Slayer. Some of the newer stuff is eh. My dad misses being home. He isn’t lame. He’s been the best dad he can be with our circumstances.”

This is awesome for an array of reasons. First of all, that she not only defends her dad, but goes online to Reddit and does so. Secondly, the fact that even Tom Araya’s daughter thinks the new Slayer isn’t all that great. Her offering her honest opinion is super badass. And thirdly, while this is sad, that her story corroborates with her dad’s interview about how much he misses being at home when he’s touring. She seems like a really cool and well-adjusted girl/young lady.

[h/t Cara Shultz]

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