Tobias Sidegard Responds Regarding Prison Sentence

Posted by on September 4, 2013

tobias sidegardEarlier today, Metal Insider ran a story about Necrophobic vocalist Tobias Sidegard. We ran the story based on Swedish court documents that we received from an anonymous source. The source also sent the findings of the trial, which said that he’d been  found guilty of “severe abuse to a female partner” and “abuse.” The sentence handed down was one year and six months.

It turns out that Sidegard has been set free and is appealing his sentence. Sidegard sent us an email reading in part:

Hey! I saw the shit you are writing on your page. I’ve been set free after second appeal in higher court. Will get my judgement in 2 weeks and did really well in court, sooo. Most of the stuff you are writing about is stuff that I haven’t even been accused for. Some of it I even PROOFED being untrue in the investigation. The picture you put up shows a INFECTED eye and had nothing to do with me. I wasn’t even charged for it in court. I’ve been fucking innocently accused and never hit a woman in my life.

It’s not certain how much time Sidegard did in prison, but our translation says the following regarding Linda’s eye: “Report from interview on 14 May 2013: Linda is asked why she sent the photo of her swollen eye to Tobias. She replies that it was to show Tobias what he had done to her. Tobias claimed that the swelling was because she got a hair in her eye – she says this is not true.” Regardless, depending on the outcome, by the time the band’s new album, Womb of Lilithu, is released at the end of October, Sidegard could be a free man, cleared on all charges. If his name is cleared and he’s as innocent as he says, that’s the best possible outcome. I guess we’ll find out in two weeks time.

If you’re curious to hear what the new album sounds like, the band’s streaming a new song, “Splendour Nigri Solis,” on Spotify.



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