The Ghost Inside’s drummer posts video of himself standing up on one leg

Posted by on March 9, 2016

the ghost insider 306Any tour accident resulting in injury is tragic and one the worst accidents from last year was The Ghost Inside’s tour bus crash where their driver lost his life and the members ended up hospitalized. The worst injury resulted in drummer Andrew Tkaczyk losing his leg. While this would be a terrible blow for any person, particularly a drummer, Tkaczyk was not gonna let a pesky step back like losing a limb to get the best of him and has shown a positive attitude towards his recovery and hopefully getting back behind the kit.

Tkaczyk previously shared a video showing his therapy at the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, and now he decided to post an update video showing the progress by standing up on his only leg like an absolute boss.

Honestly, if you ever feel like life’s tough and need some motivation to do anything, watch this video and get a load of Tkaczyk’s determination, which totally match with his Instagram account name mtndrew. We really can’t wait for him and the rest of the band to make a full recovery and hopefully see all of them back on stage.

Strengthening that ankle and calf muscles. One day at a time. Be strong. #violentgentlemen #workhard

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