Stagehand “accidentally” pulled Metallica’s plug at the Grammys

Posted by on February 13, 2017

The Grammys were one hell of a night. Adele got a redo, while Twenty One Pilots claimed their award pantsless, since that’s what how they first watched the awards together (we wish we were making that up). We have already said what we didn’t like about the awards, but James Hetfield”s mic disappearance during the Metallica/Lady Gaga collaboration topped the list, and now we know why it happened.

According to TMZ, it has been reported that a stagehand accidentally pulled James Hetfield’s microphone during the performance:

However, between the mic check and their act … a wire under the stage got unplugged. We’re told a stagehand did it by accident, but the damage was done — Hetfield’s mic was dead through most of the performance. They eventually fixed the unplugged wire with seconds left in the song.”

While we have seen Laverne Cox apologize, along with artists sharing their thoughts on the technical issues, the Grammys have not responded nor apologized. Let’s face it, even Dave Mustaine had a great attitude, so why can’t the Grammys do the same?


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