Scott Weiland Comments On Getting Fired From Stone Temple Pilots

Posted by on February 28, 2013

Yesterday morning, Stone Temple Pilots revealed that they had “terminated” Scott Weiland from the band. And unsurprisingly, the singer isn’t too happy about it. In fact, Weiland even hints at legal action over his supposed firing.

Shortly after STP issued their strait-to-the-point announcement, Weiland released his own statement:

“I learned of my supposed ‘termination’ from Stone Temple Pilots this morning by reading about it in the press. Not sure how I can be ‘terminated’ from a band that I founded, fronted and co-wrote many of its biggest hits, but that’s something for the lawyers to figure out. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing all of my fans on my solo tour which starts this Friday.”

We definitely can’t fault the guy for being upset about getting the boot from his band (especially if he found out about it with the rest of us, as he claims). However, Weiland makes one thing pretty clear with his reaction: things are going to get pretty ugly. With that said, it’s not even clear as to what the remaining STP member’s intentions are with the moniker. For now, fans who want to hear the first two STP albums live will have to see Weiland during his upcoming solo tour (which he so subtly plugged in his statement).

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