Roddy Bottum, Rob Halford pic gets disrespected by fans

Posted by on March 4, 2015

roddybottumIt’s 2015, and you’d think that with so much acceptance of homosexuality and gay rights, that it it would be no big deal for two gay musicians to take a photo together. That’s what Faith No More keyboard player Roddy Bottum assumed when he posted a picture of himself and Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford. Apparently, a lot of “fans” didn’t share his viewpoint, as the picture got so many inflammatory comments that he took it down. He later put the picture back on Faith No More’s Facebook page with the comment “hey guys, it’s Roddy. I took the picture of me and Rob down cause so many of the comments were just downright nasty. Let’s try this again with some respect, OK?”

Granted, many probably aren’t used to seeing Rob Halford shirtless, but the photo is just a picture of two talented musicians. Their sexual orientation shouldn’t even enter in to this, given that both Bottum and Halford don’t hide behind their sexual orientation. So far, since the picture’s been reposted, it seems like everyone’s being respectful.

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