10 months after being arrested for manslaughter and accused of causing the death of a fan during a show two years prior in Prague, Randy Blythe was officially acquitted of all charges in March. Since then, the Lamb Of God frontman kept his comments about the matter on the shorter side, including one post recalling the first time he met the family of the victim, Daniel Nosek. However, a day before he embarks on a U.S. tour, Blythe posted a lengthy in-depth recount of the entire trial on his Tumblr page.

In addition to going into great detail about the trial and events that occurred, Blythe also gives further insight into his interactions with the Nosek family, thanking them for their support. The letter’s purpose is made clear, though, when Blythe recalled his last interaction with Daniel’s mother and Uncle, saying:

“As we sat on a couch crying, the first tears I had allowed myself since my arrest, Daniel’s mother asked me if one day I would play a song for him somewhere. I was astounded by the grace with which she asked me this. Her small request was an immense gift to me, a man who was trying to figure out how he would continue to do the only thing he knew how to do after so many years.

I will sing many songs for him.

Then, as Daniel’s uncle and mother began to leave my rented apartment, his uncle reiterated something he and the mother had brought up earlier.

‘Remember- you can be a spokesperson for safer shows. You have that power. Good luck, man. Go live your life.’

I promised I would.”

The remainder of Blythe’s letter encourages both fans and concert promoters to take a stronger approach towards safety and responsibility. While lengthy, Blythe’s entire letter is extremely moving and will hopefully resonate with everyone who reads it, both fans and industry folks alike. Read for yourself at Blythe’s Tumblr page.