Phil Anselmo discusses Superjoint reunion

Posted by on June 26, 2015

SuperjointMany people were excited about Superjoint reuniting back in October 2014 at Philip Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin, TX, which was supposed to be a “one-off” show but after the positive response and success from their performance, the band decided to stay together a little longer and hit the road for the first time in ten years.

Rolling Stone sat down with Anselmo to discuss in-depth about the return of the hardcore squad and comparing it to the days when the band was active back in the early days:

The beginning of the band was fun. We started back in ’93 or ’94 with Jimmy Bower and Kevin Bond, only Kevin was on bass, and this was even before we entertained the thought that I would sing for this band. Pantera was going strong at the time, so Superjoint was just a jam band that we messed around with, and after a while we felt like maybe we could find a singer. It was really more about me and Jimmy playing guitar together. But we couldn’t find a vocalist, so I did vocals on the first demo [in 1995]. And in 2001 Kevin Bond switched to guitar and I stuck to singing.

When we were putting together the Housecore Horror and Film Fest Part II, my co-founder Corey Mitchell – may he rest in peace – he was very much an antagonist to get Superjoint as this special one-off and then we’d get back together and reunite and freak people out. For months and months and months my answer was “Hell, no. No way, no way, no way.” And then as we neared the festival I said, “Well, lemme ask [guitarist] Jimmy Bower.” And Jim was very positive about it. So I said, “OK, I’ll get in touch with [guitarist] Kevin Bond,” and Kevin was all for it. So I said, “Alright, goddammit. I see where this is going.” So we got into the practice room with a new drummer and bassist and it was a blast. We did the Housecore show and that was fun as well. We were having a good time doing this with clearer brains and more ability to focus. So we figured, “OK, why the fuck don’t we do a tour?” But it did take a while for me to get to the point where I could admit I was having fun.

During those times, the former Pantera frontman was dealing with drug and health issues which he discussed:

I was in a terrible, terrible place – a very weak place and it reflected in the shows. For me, it’s very regrettable. For the audience it was very regrettable. But, ahhhhh, that was a very long time ago, man. And I don’t really dwell on it because I am by far and away not the first to jump that particular train and I probably won’t be the last. Looking at the big picture all I can do is the best today and tomorrow. Yesterday, whatever that means, it’s gone. I’m moving forward.

The band has some ideas down for a new record but nothing formally set aside from a few incomplete songs written. Either way, you should be excited for this reunion and should catch the band, along with King Parrot and Child Bite at the following dates:

SUPERJOINT: The It Takes Guts Tour w/ King Parrot, Child Bite:

7/10/2015 Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom

7/11/2015 Houston TX @ Fitzgerald’s

7/12/2015 Dallas TX @ Gas Monkey

7/14/2015 Cincinnati OH @ Bogarts

7/15/2015 Flint, MI @ Machine Shop

7/17/2015 Poughkeepsie NY @ The Chance

7/18/2015 Lancaster PA @ Chameleon Club

7/19/2015 Huntington, WV @ V-Club

7/21/2015 Greensboro, NC @ Greene Street

7/23/2015 Clarksville, TN @ Warehouse Live

7/24/2015 Pensacola FL @ Vinyl Music Hall

7/25/2015 Shreveport, LA @ Warehouse

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