Last year’s inaugural Housecore Horror Film Fest was enough of a success that they’re doing it again. And if the first performance of Eyehategod since the death of longtime drummer Joey LaCaze at least year’s festival was a once in a lifetime event, then the festival has upped the ante this year. Philip Anselmo’s band Superjoint Ritual, now known as Superjoint, will be reuniting at the Fest, which will also include new additions GWAR, Voivod, Corrections House, Mobile Deathcamp and War Master. According to Metal Sucks, who broke the news, it’s not known who else will be playing in Superjoint aside from Philip Anselmo, who offered the following quote:

“If people want to hear Superjoint jam a badass set, then we’re all for giving the people what they want! You wanna hear it? Then bring your asses to Austin, Texas, this October 23-26!”

This adds to a lineup that already includes Satyricon, Eyehategod, Cattle Decapitation, Neurosis, Unearth, Portal, and Decapitated. If you want to get your ass down there, you can pick up badges for only $199 for all three days.