It’s been nearly two years since physician Daniel Baldi was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the case of Paul Gray’s death of a drug overdose in 2010. Yesterday at trial, Gray’s widow, Brenna, spoke on the stand about her husband’s drug abuse and how neither Baldi nor other members of Slipknot were willing to help. Regarding the days prior to his death, Brenna said how she tried to reach out to the other bandmates:

“One was playing golf two minutes away from our house but couldn’t come. Nobody else cared, nobody was involved. They told me it was my problem.”

On the subject of Baldi prescribing Gray Xanax despite his drug abuse:

“I just knew it was his drug of choice, that he’d struggled with it. So I just wasn’t really sure why he was on it, why he needed it along with the medication he was taking for addiction.”

Brenna was also asked about how Gray had drugs in his system not prescribed by Baldi:

Guy Cook, Baldi’s lawyer: “You understand, do you not, ma’am, that if Paul got the morphine and the fentanyl on the street somewhere, that it’s nobody’s fault except Mr. Gray or the person he got it from?” 

Brenna Gray: “I don’t know where he got them… It’s a hypothetical question. It’s not fair.”

Baldi is charged with seven other counts of involuntary manslaughter apart from Gray. You can watch a video of Brenna’s testimony here.