Parisian Democracy: How Axl Got His Jewels Back

Posted by on June 7, 2012

And just like that, Axl Rose got all his glory back. Or well, at least $200k worth of it.After our report yesterday about the gold and diamond necklaces that had been stolen from the Guns N’ Roses lead singer during a private gathering after their concert in Paris, we can now announce that the stolen goods reappeared. A 24-year-old fashion model, drunk at the time of the gathering, “inadvertently” left with the necklaces in her handbag by accident. After realizing her mistake, she handed the jewelry over to a police station in Paris.

Waking up with a hangover can lead to many a surprise, the necklaces, however, might have confused even the model. The only thing we’ve misplaced at a gathering was our dignity, not $200k in jewelry into a handbag. And again, one has to wonder why Rose would have had that much jewelry just lying around, especially when said “private gathering” consisted of no less than 130 guests. Apparently the model was not the only one that was highly confused at the time. With that mishap out of the way, Rose is now free to concentrate on being a egomaniacal megalomaniac.

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