Axl Rose Robbed In Paris

Posted by on June 6, 2012

Paris is said to be the city many hearts have been stolen in, but Guns N’ Roses mastermind Axl Rose is missing $200,000 worth of gold and diamond necklaces after a Guns N’Roses concert in the City of Lights. Reports say that the theft occurred during a private gathering after the show they played at Bercy Stadium as part of their European tour.

The Associated Press adds that a spokesperson said Rose was not wearing the three gold and diamond necklaces at the time the theft occurred, which is a pity because “like taking gold from Axl Rose’s neck “ would have made an alternative to the idiom “like taking candy from a baby.” But then again, if I’m at a post-show gathering, I’m probably not going to have $200k worth of bling with me at it. It seems like Axl isn’t having the best of luck on this Eurpean run, what with him falling off the stage a few weeks ago in Liverpool.

Local police are currently investigating the theft and after a short stint in Germany, Guns ‘N Roses will be returning to France for another five shows soon, so while the chances are generally rather slim that Rose will get his necklaces back, they could be his.

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