Now the Grammys have done it – they’ve pissed off Trapt

Posted by on February 9, 2015

300x300There’s been enough criticism about the Metal performance at the Grammys last night. In fact, just look at this site, or, like anywhere else on the internet. However, now the Rock category has another basher as well, and it’s not just Kanye West. Trapt, a rock band you might remember from their 13 year-old hit “Headstrong,” have come out with all guns blazing in a message on their Facebook page criticizing the fact that Beck and Paramore won for Best Rock album and song, respectively:

The fact that Paramore won an award for Best Rock Song and Beck won for Best Rock Album shows you that there’s gotta be a conspiracy going around to destroy the essence of what rock music is all about. The establishment doesn’t want anything too threatening or in your face to rile you up, they just want you to nod to adult pop punk;) or indie folk electronica and think it’s “rock.”

It seems to have somewhat backfired on the band. Over 7,900 people have liked the post, but it’s also gotten quite heated in the comments section along. To their credit, Trapt are standing by their statement and engaging with fans that have complained. Trapt last released an album, Reborn, in 2013. Their sixth studio album, it wasn’t nominated for any Grammys.

[via Billboard]

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