Nergal from Behemoth opening a bar, second barbershop

Posted by on April 21, 2015

While there’s a chance that Behemoth might have written their last album, that doesn’t mean that the band’s frontman, Adam “Nergal” Darski is sitting around idly. He’s been working on solo material, the band are still releasing videos and touring, and Nergal is a full-blown entrepreneur now. He’d already opened a barbershop a few years back, and it seems like it was successful enough for him to be opening a second shop, this one in Warsaw. Not only that, but there’s a bar in his future.

Here’s what Nergal said about Libation bar via MetalNews.pl:

Ugh! The Word became flesh! For a few days we open NEW club in Sopot with the charming name of libation;)))) But do not let yourself be provoked, because it is in the name of the second floor … And our plan is ambitious: to raise the level of entertainment in the city dominated by kebab and plastic. We promise ballet at a high level, with good music and the best liquor in a place unique … and something else, but it is impossible to describe! :)))) Plan respectable but we can not without human factor … so VERY VERY but it’s important to me on the spiritual and physical support people I like, I appreciate and respect 🙂 Pass on the good news! Please Polubcie page Libation and meet you all on May 1 on a unique, truly Dionysian fun! :))))) A CHOOOJ adventur!

Wait, there’s going to be ballet happening? That’s classy – maybe too classy. Maybe there’s something weird happening with Google Translate, but we’re still on board with good music and good liquor. If you’re in Gdansk, stop by Libation when it opens on May 1.

[via Metal Sucks]

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