Nachtmystium guitarist releases statement about Blake Judd’s arrest

Posted by on October 8, 2013

Tim_5X7_Postcard-620x859Well, one thing’s for certain – it was an interesting weekend in the Nachtmystium camp. Not only was frontman Blake Judd arrested, but it surprised the hell out of everyone – including his  band members. Guitarist Timothy Preciado reached out to Metal Sucks and released a statement about his arrest, also confirming that he’s in the band.

There has been a lot of buzz around Chicago about Blake’s situation regarding his recent run in with the law.  The rest of Nachtmystium asks that everyone be patient with all things considered.  I also want to openly say that John, and myself had zero knowledge of Blake’s personal decisions in life, as this comes as a surprise to us as well. As a brand new member of the band, I definitely hope this recent speed bump does NOT tarnish mine nor any other member of the bands reputation, as we do not conduct ourselves in such a manor [sic].  My only regret is to apologize to any of the fans that might not be able to see us at the planned upcoming performances.

-Timothy “Scare Crow” Preciado/ Nachtmystium/ Never We See

So essentially, Preciado is in the same boat as many of us – waiting to determine what happens this Friday (11) when the court date happens. As far as we know, Nachtmystium are still playing our CMJ showcase next Wednesday with Byzantine, Black Anvil, Ramming Speed and Vattnet Viskar. Obviously, as soon as we hear more, we’ll let you know.  Regardless, the showcase will go on, and you can buy tickets here. This is the first we’ve heard that Preciado is in the band, and we’re not sure who the “John” he refers to is, either. Here’s hoping that everything turns out best for the well-being of the band later this week and beyond.

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