Century Media to cut ties with Nachtmystium, honor fans that got ripped off

Posted by on September 5, 2014

Well, that didn’t end well. While Nachtmystium frontman Blake Judd had been accused of not giving fans stuff that they’d ordered from him in the past, apparently some fans didn’t pay attention the first time, or believed in giving him a second chance. A number of fans had ordered the band’s newest album, The World We Left Behind directly from the band and didn’t get it by release date – or at all. It was enough to anger fans enough to make a Facebook page about  it, and while we’d been told a statement was forthcoming from the label, it’s taken until today for the label to do so, essentially stating that they’ll fulfill all the orders  – and they’re cutting ties with the band. Here’s what their statement says:

Century Media Records understands that many people have not received their copies of ‘The World We Left Behind’ even though they pre-ordered the album directly from front-man, Blake Judd. We know that this is not only frustrating but also a let down to the fans of the band. So, we’d like to help out in this situation and deliver the fans their pre-ordered copies on the format that they ordered.  
Please e-mail us at: [email protected] with proof of your order and we will get you your copy of the album on the format(s) that you ordered them on. We just ask that this e-mail address be used for issues with ‘The World We Left Behind’ band direct pre-order issues only. Blake will not be reading any of the e-mails and we will not be forwarding any e-mails about other items that Blake sold through his personal pages or the NACHTMYSTIUM Facebook page.
‘The World We Left Behind’ also marks the last album NACHTMYSTIUM has with Century Media Records. We wish Blake Judd the best of luck with all future endeavors, both musically and personally.

Well, that’s disappointing for everyone involved. Century Media looked bad for a while, and they’re going to have to pay out of their own pockets to take care of fans. The fans, on the other hand, trusted Judd once again, which given his public apology after being arrested last year, was understandable. Judd, on the other hand, is pretty much done. His label stood up for him, and so did his fans, and he repaid them by ripping both of them off. He’s obviously got issues with lying, cheating and stealing from those that have supported him, and as talented a musician as he is, appears to be burning every last bridge he had.

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