Metallica Make PSA To Help Find Morgan Harrington’s Killer

Posted by on June 14, 2012


It’s coming up on three years since 20 year-old Morgan Harrington was abducted from outside a Metallica show in Virginia and murdered. While Metallica have gotten involved in the case, initially offering a $50,000 reward, James Hetfield has just made a PSA urging anyone that has any information to come forward for the FBI, Virginia and local law agencies. The reward for information that leads to the capture of the suspect has increased to $150,000.

It’s sad that in two years, not much else has happened in terms of solving the crime. Since Metallica’s first reward, there has been somewhat of a break, in that DNA evidence linked Harrington’s killer to a sexual assault that happened four years earlier. However, aside from an updated sketch of the suspect, not much else has happened in two years. It’s encouraging to see Metallica get even more directly involved, however, and hopefully Harrington’s family will be able to get some closure as her killer is found and brought to justice.

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