Maynard James Keenan on Donald Trump: ‘I’ve seen this before; I think it’s called Germany, 1938.’

Posted by on May 19, 2016

maynard-james-keenan-is-nobody-s-tool.8504368.40Everyone has an opinion about politics and we’ve seen some musicians weighing in this subject for a while, either threatening to leave the country if a ‘certain candidate’ wins or by showing their support for the bern. With the current presidential run going on, we will see more of these opinions coming and now it’s Tool/Puscifer’s Maynard James Keenan giving his two cents about the matter.

During an interview with The Skinny, Maynard discussed his predictions on the U.S. presidential run and it appears he wasn’t too keen about the republican candidate Donald Trump and said:

“Here’s the thing, I’m Italian and I’m Irish,” he started off. “The Italian side of me is the wine and food making family man; the Irish side is the shit-talking, ‘comedy first, always’ side. So I’m very divided. Because all the fuckin’ awesome jokes that are gonna come out if Trump leads the US – the humour, the tragedy and the awful stuff that’s gonna happen – is gonna be fodder for comedians for decades. And the end of the United States.”

“Of course, the practical side of me thinks, ‘I’ve seen this before; I think it’s called Germany, 1938.’ Idiocracy is no longer a comedy, it’s a documentary. Idiocracy is where we are,”

Speaking of  humor and European invasions, Puscifer is heading to the old continent and Maynard released a new video planning the trek in a very military and dictatorial way, sort of related to what he’s saying above. That’s definitely his Irish side.

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