Maynard James Keenan downplays comments about “insufferable” Tool fans

Posted by on October 29, 2015

Maynard and Danny sitting in a tree....Maynard James Keenan caused a bit of commotion when he referred to fans of Tool as “insufferable” during a recent interview. He further insinuated being fed up with anything Tool related. The interview led many to wonder if the singer was seriously that irritated with Tool and its fans’ persistence, or if he was just being a little cheeky with the interviewer. Well, Keenan appears to have an answer for fans agitated by his recent comments: lighten up, all’s well.

Shortly after the interview in question went viral, Keen posted the above picture with Tool drummer Danny Carey. “4hrs a.m. w/ @puscifer 4hrs p.m. w/ @tool @barry_mccockener and I TOTALLY hating on each other. #donttaketheclickbait #context,” read the picture’s caption. The damage control continued with a handful of retweets and responses to Tweets on his Twitter account, some of which you can read below. So there you have it, all appears to be well within the Tool camp, or at least not as bad as the interview may have insinuated. Now we can peacefully go back to purchasing overpriced meet-n-greet packages and blankets while continuing to wait for Tool’s new album

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