During a Reddit AMA, Mastodon’s drummer Brann Dailor took some time of his recently cleared schedule to answer whatever fans with a Reddit account wanted to ask and even though there were a million “Are you doing another Leviathan-like album ever again?” questions, someone actually went and asked him if what frontman Brent Hinds said during a previous interview about hating metal was really true and he said:

Brent wasn’t exactly serious about that, he likes metal, but more importantly, he likes what he likes, he likes music, I don’t necessarily put music into genres for myself, I get the same feeling from Slayer that I get from Stevie Wonder. He doesn’t like certain types of metal, he digs the classic stuff, and Melvins, Neurosis, Etc…

Someone who doesn’t read Metal Insider news asked him about any side project he has, to what he answered:

I have a side project called Arcadea, it’s fun, might be out next year.

Considering all the opinions have been flying out there about Ghost B.C. Ghost, he pitched in:

I love the band Ghost, but they scare me a little, I think their band might be haunted.

The band still has plans to release an EP this winter with songs that didn’t make the final cut for Once More ‘Round The Sun which we may have to wait a bit longer to listen.

[via theprp.com]