Lamb of God’s new album not coming out ’til it’s ready

Posted by on September 19, 2014

Yesterday, Lamb of God fans everywhere got pretty excited by Randy Blythe’s appearance on Jamey Jasta’s podcast. Not so much that a guy appeared on a podcast – that happens all the time. Moreso by the inference that a new Lamb of God album would be coming out early next year. Here’s what he said on the podcast:

“I have been writing my book for a while but the majority of my book has been written since January. It will be released early part of next year along with the new Lamb of God record…I started writing lyrics for the next record in prison.”

Sounds good, right? Given that their last album, Resolution, came out in January of 2012, it’d be pretty easy to assume that the band’s eighth studio album would be out around the same time in 2015. However, that’s not the case. The number of reports coming out yesterday reporting this as fact caused the vocalist to issue a clarification via his Instagram account. Here’s an excerpt of what he says in the post:

“…not much about lamb of god, despite what all the metal blogs are blaring ” RANDY SAYS NEW LAMB OF GOD ALBUM EARLY 2015!!!!”- take that with a grain if salt, ok, because they also ignore the fact that during the interview I also say “The new album isn’t written yet” – It will come out when it comes out, after it’s done & we are happy with it. When that will be, we shall see- we kinda gotta write the thing first, ya know? I don’t have a crystal ball, & I got no other answers than it will come out when it’s done.” 

To be fair, it does seem like, in no uncertain terms, that Blythe says a new LoG album would be released in the early part of next year. But a casual conversation with a friend, which is what Blythe considers Jasta, is different from a press release. Given that the band haven’t started writing the record yet, it seems like his statement might have been more to motivate the band to write the album than anything else.

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