Jonathan Davis talks about attending KoRn’s virtual concert and his failed attempt at a video game

Posted by on September 24, 2019

In a recent interview with Kataku KoRn frontman, Jonathan Davis talked about how he secretly attended the band’s recent virtual performance and purchased all of the KoRn-themed pets, shirts, weapons, and other cosmetics.

“I go to the event all the time. I dress myself up as me, I bought all the shit.”

Davis has a strong love for video games and even went as far as to trying developing one back in the early 2000’s. The game was going to be called Pop Scars and would feature other musicians such as Limp Bizkit and Marilyn Manson.

“I had all the biggest pop and rock stars at the time that were down to do it,” explained Davis, but Pop Scars never happened due to a lack of manpower: “it was with one of the gaming companies, and they had to pull out because they had to pull entire teams for other games. It just didn’t happen, but I really liked it.”

Davis goes into detail about his favorite type of video games and more. check out the entire piece here.

KoRn recently dropped a new album called The Nothing. Read our review here.

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