Former Korn drummer is really looking forward to their new album

Posted by on October 2, 2015

David Silveria was the drummer in Korn from their 1993 formation until 2006, when he “went on hiatus” from the band. He’s since sued the band, stating that his hiatus was only supposed to be temporary and that he still was entitled to some of their profits. But what he’s said in the past about the band doesn’t suggest that he wants back in, nor will they welcome him with open arms. Especially after calling bassist Fieldy a “cowardly little bitch.” So when Korn’s James “Munky” Shaffer did an interview earlier this week with Billboard about their forthcoming 12th album, Silveria took to their Facebook page to air his grievances:

I think Korn was solidified in our first few albums. They just don’t have it in them to right songs that can stand up to our first three records. It’s just Munky trying to give bullshit hype on another record that I believe will be the same crap they have been putting out for years. As soon as Jon stopped writing with the entire band the music when to shit. And I’m sure their new record will be more shit. I can’t blame him for trying to hype a new record when he knows fans have been disappointed by their last four records. You can call a turd a diamond but it doesn’t make it so!!

Yeah, that’s one way to get yourself back into your former band’s good graces. Another might be spellchecking your post before posting it. While Korn isn’t going to catch the lightning in a bottle that their first three albums did, there’s no album they could put out that would do that, with or without Silveria in the band. And considering the band’s albums still debut in the top ten, it can’t be argued that that they’re not still popular. Their music is easy to age out of, so the fact that they’re still as popular as they are either is a testament to their old school fans holding on, or them making new ones. Either way, Silveria comes out looking petty.

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