Iron Maiden Duran Ruiz was born on February 1, however, the social media photo that went viral reads February 2. Regardless of the date, father César Durán Alpiri did name the child after a band he is a “super fan” of and explained to Ruptly TV his reasons. While the video visually displays César’s devotion to Iron Maiden with his merchandise, Blabbermouth translated César’s words to English with:

“It has a lot to do with Eddie The Head of Iron Maiden. I want my son to have that strength, that energy. I want him to fight for what he wants, to have the attitude and, above all, to be mentally strong.”

According to ATB and google translation, César posted a lengthy statement on his Facebook defending and honoring the name of his newborn:

My wife and I have noticed that the photo of the birth certificate of our son that a colleague of mine took, which is motive of laughing by the name that circulates by the networks (besides that I have been labeled in comments of several publications) chose for our baby. the truth is that she and I also had so much grace as such have taken the comments of close friends or, in my case, people with above my office in my work.

we firmly believe that You can not do or stop doing certain things for fear of punishment that can apply the opinion of seconds (or third parties, as is the case here.)  

If at any time my son decides to learn ballet, I will give all my support. He decides to study painting, he will also receive the unconditional support of his parents, just to cite an example.We know that in these hypothetical situations, social pressure will try to twist the will of my child, but there will be his family to teach him that happiness nests in our Interior and that there are moments in which the only thing that can be done with the opinion of others, whether complete strangers, friends or best friends, is, to discard it.

His mother and I are fully aware of the meaning and future consequences of the name, did they think we did not know, or at least I, being an English teacher? Obviously yes, and that is the opinion we have.

In part, it seems to me that all the reactions of the people involved in this situation respond to a theme of musical tastes, because there are people who likes rock and who tells me that the name is great, while the other portion does not have Attachment for this genre and says the opposite. Which group of people should pay more attention?

On the other hand, and to conclude, I think all this commotion has also been generated by a little ignorance (eye, I also acted ignorantly many times, I am not the exception). The mother and I have very nice reasons why we have made the choice of such a name for our baby, beyond a simple musical taste.

We greet all the people who have already made my son known and we look forward to welcoming you on Sunday.”

It seems the parents’ reason for naming their kid after his favorite band is more heartfelt than showcasing an obsessive devotion to a band. For baby Iron Maiden, what more can a child ask for than having loving parents wanting to see their baby grow into a strong independent person? At a worst case scenario, Iron Maiden can begin using his middle name which is Duran. Wow, that really is a worst-case scenario.